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First wooden toothbursh production in Europe

Aim of this project is to revive industrial production of toothbrushes in Slovakia. We want to repurchase and renovate unique machines and support local production with use of materials from Slovakia and nearest countries. Toothbrushes Ecoheart are evidence that it is possible to make great things from little and improve the world around us.

If we succeed in collecting enough money, we will open first wooden toothbrushes production in EUROPE. Thanks to machines we will be able to produce toothbrushes from first step to the last here, all locally. By opening the factory we will also create a new job positions for people from the region.

Our goal is not only to create a factory but also to create a transparent space. It will be open for everyone who wants to see the production and the piece of living history. From students, school excursions, retired people to lovers of wood, simple everyone. We want to show in this way that well designed products for everyday use and local production are the way to a better life and changing the world around us.

Thanks to this project we will also change production materials to local, because instead of bamboo toothbrushes we want to produce them using wood from Slovakia and Czech republic.